2750T On-line Quenching system

Item No.: VCQ-2750T(1)
2750T online quenching system, can be designed according to customer production requirements with air cooling/mist cooling/water cooling and other different solutions, for aluminum extrusion industrial profiles to provide professional cooling solutions.

1. Aluminum profiles got quenched on-line at the exit section of the extrusion machine, which can greatly simplify the process flow, improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs.

2. After patent research and development, our company has conducted comprehensive quenching sensitivity research on commonly used aluminum alloys such as 6061, 6063, 6005, 7003 and 7005, and formed a complete process system.

3. Our company can customize exclusive solutions for customers, which can realize the combination of multiple sections and multiple cooling methods, and the online quenching equipment for aluminum alloy profiles with intelligent control system. Welcome to inquire!